Ethiopians in the Diaspora to Build the Largest Grand Mall in Addis Ababa

A group of Ethiopians in the Diaspora are going to build a large business centre in Addis Ababa at a cost of 2.6 billion birr, Fana Broadcasting Corporate reports.

The construction of the centre, which was given the name “Ethio-Diaspora Grand Mall”, would commence in no more than a year’s time.

Company Manager, Mr. Ahmed Mubarek, stated that the 17-storey grand mall would be the first of its kind in Addis Ababa. The Business centre would be erected on 19 hectares of land comprising cinema halls and various shops.

Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin living in North America, Australia and other countries were included as members in the Ethio-Diaspora Grand Mall S.C.

Source: 2Merkato

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