Egyptian Medical Industries Seminar to Be Held in Addis Ababa, Investment in Ethiopia’s Pharmaceutical Sector on the Agenda

Egyptian Commercial Office in Addis Ababa and Egyptian Export Council for Medical Industries have jointly organized a medical industries seminar which would be held on the 26th of February, 2016. The seminar is expected to demonstrate Egyptian medical industries capability in the industry, the embassy announced on Tuesday.

Delegates of the most distinguished pharmaceutical companies in Egypt are expected to participate in the event.

According to Commercial Counsellor in the Egyptian Embassy, Waleed El Zomor, many Egyptian companies have shown interest to invest and work cooperatively with their Ethiopian counterparts.

He explained that three Egyptian companies had completed the fundamental formalities to carry out 100 million USD health sector investments. It is expected that this will improve health business between the two countries which had been less than one percent.

The embassy stated that this conference was organized considering Ethiopia’s fast-growing economy and its positive impact on the advancement of the health sector in the last decade. The pharmaceutical sector and health sector have a good potential in term both financially and in creating job opportunities.

Source: 2Merkato

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