East African Aviation commences Operations in Ethiopia

Mulat Lemlemayehu with the imported King Air350 air ambulance aircraft.

East African Aviation, a new private airline, began operation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by providing air ambulance and charter flight services, The Reporter reports.

Established by a former captain of Ethiopian Airlines, Mulat Lemlemayehu (Capt), East African Aviation provides air ambulance service with a king Air 350 aircraft bought at a cost of 2.5 million dollars from the US. The aircraft is equipped with ICU medical equipment and emergency doctor that allow the company to give emergency medical treatment on the aircraft while carrying a patient to a hospital in Ethiopia or abroad.

Mr. Mulat affirmed to The Reporter that the East African Aviation launched a special medical insurance scheme where a person pays 2040 dollars yearly to an insurance company and whenever the insurance policy buyer falls ill and needs an urgent medical treatment abroad s/he will immediately be flown to countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kenya and South Africa where East African made a special arrangement with hospitals in those countries.

He also added that East African Aviation also provided charter flight service in Ethiopia and neighboring countries for international organizations, VIPs, investors, construction, mining and petroleum companies.

The company has also established a pilot training school in Addis Ababa in which most of the instructors are retirees from Ethiopian Airlines. The pilot training school trains commercial, private pilots and also dispatcher. Currently, the school is training eight cadets from Ethiopia, South Sudan and DRC Congo.

The pilot training school and the airline are certified by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority. The startup airline and the pilot training school will be officially inaugurated on February 25.

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