Rwanda Launches NSAR to boost Seed Quality

Rwanda's Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Geraldine Mukeshimana.

Rwanda’s Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Geraldine Mukeshimana, has launched the National Seed Association of Rwanda (NSAR) to bring together seed traders, multipliers, agro dealers and institutions to boost seed quality.

The Association aim is to ensure a reliable and sustained supply of quality seeds to farmers.

Innocent Namuhoranye, the Chairman of NSAR, stated that the farmers have been complaining of high prices because seed availability basically depends on importation.

“This has impacted on productivity as we prefer to use our own poor quality seeds. But now that there’s an association comprising people from different sectors, we shall put our knowledge together and achieve greater productivity,” Namuhoranye said.

He added that they want to increase usage of good seed varieties.

“We recognize that availability and access to quality seed at the right place, time and right price is paramount in achieving food security,” he noted.

It is hoped that the association will increase production by strengthening partnership with the private sector. Crop productivity is expected to improve in quality and quantity, leading to sustainable national and household food security.

“A successful agricultural industry in any country requires many players – both formal and informal – to work together. We hope this will allow the country to have improved seed security and reduce the drain on government foreign exchange reserves,” Minister Mukeshimana said.

The event was also attended by different regional associations and institutes.

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