New Partnership to increase Science Professionals in EAC

A new partnership has been forged between the Africa-America Institute and East African Development Bank (EADB) to offer a post graduate scholarship programme.

The programme, aimed at boosting the number of qualified academics in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), fields and building workforce skills in the science, engineering and technology sectors, is likely to see an increase in the number of specialist teachers and lecturers in East Africa.

Successful applicants will be admitted to one of two top American institutions; Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The scholarship opportunity is available to qualified teachers and lecturers of tertiary institutions, secondary schools, and polytechnics with at least three years teaching experience in the domain.

According to New Times Rwanda, the scholarship is open to unlimited number of applicants.

The partnership to offer the scholarships was launched after recognising the deficiency of scholars in the domain, according to bank’s Director General Vivienne Yeda.

“By deepening the knowledge and expertise of experienced lecturers and teachers in maths, science, technology and engineering, the scholarship programme will effectively prepare young people to fill a dire deficit in skilled workers in the STEM fields and be part of the economic and social transformation in East Africa,” Yeda told The New Times.

After receiving their graduate degree, scholars are expected to return home to educate a new generation of engineers, scientists and tech professionals to facilitate the increase in the number of graduates in science or engineering fields.

The scholarship opportunity, which opened last week, is fully-funded providing full tuition, room and living expenses.

Recipients are required to be under 40 years of age and a citizen of one of the East African Community member states except Burundi.

Scholars must also commit to returning to their home country to teach in a public educational institution.

Commenting on the partnership, Amini Kajunju, the Africa-America Institute president said the overall objective of the initiative was to give East African teachers and lecturers in the STEM field an opportunity to gain world-class knowledge and expertise in their respective field for the region’s continued prosperity.

Application can be made through the partnership’s website before January 25.

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