Ghana’s firsts: Pace-setting Achievements (Part 1)

Milestones and achievements are always celebrated and honored worldwide. Some are marked with awards and national recognition. Others are just talked about a few times and then fade into history. Ghana is a great nation which has been blessed with many pace-setting achievements and unmatched milestones. Let us look at a few of these and celebrate the greatness of this historic West African country.

1. Ghana was the first black African nation to gain independence from colonial rule. On 6th March1957 Ghana (formerly called the Gold Coast) attained full independence from the colonial rule of the British. Hence the United Kingdom gave up its control over the colony of the then Gold Coast, Ashanti, Northern Territories and British Togoland. Since 1957, Ghana has independently grown from strength to strength under the able leadership of various Ghanaian leaders and government officials.


2. Ghana was the first African Country to win both the FIFA U-17 and FIFA U-20 world cup tournaments. In the world of sports, specifically football, Ghana is spectacular. Ghana is remembered in history as the first African country to win the FIFA U-17 world cup staged in Italy in 1991. Although Ghana won it again in Ecuador 1995, it is the first win in 1991 which holds much significance as it was the first time an African Country won that particular trophy. Also in 2009, when the FIFA U-20 world cup was staged in Egypt, Ghana surpassed every obstacle to become the first African Nation to win that tournament.

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3. On December 13, 1996 Kofi Annan was named the 7th Secretary General of the United Nations making him the first black African to hold the prestigious office. He served the UN from January 1997 to December 2006. During this time he worked hard for the rights of individuals, particularly women. He often said that “More countries have understood that women’s equality is a prerequisite for development.” Kofi Annan was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 for having revitalized the UN and for giving priority to human rights. The Nobel Committee also recognized his commitment to the struggle to contain the spreading of the HIV virus in Africa and his declared opposition to international terrorism –

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