Electricity Company of Ghana rolls out AMR devices

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), in partnership with telecommunication companies, is installing new Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) devices at all telecommunication cell sites in the Volta Region.

The move, according to Business Day Ghana forms part of the power distributor’s drive to safeguard the integrity of all its meter installations and promote transparency in its dealings with customers.

The AMR meters are smart meters equipped with a mobile data SIM card, which enables both the ECG and a customer to monitor the energy inflow, and the customer’s real time consumption.

The ECG has so far installed the new AMRs at 170 of a total of 270 teleco cell sites in the region.

Volta Regional commercial manager of ECG, Sylvester Abrefah-Besea, expressed delight at the success of the project and applauded the partnership between the telecoms companies and ECG.

He revealed that the telcos will be able to monitor their consumption and other activities on the meter, through a web application they will be granted access to.

“Our field officers often had problems gaining access to read the meters at most cell sites because these facilities are under lock and key. Now, even before we print out the monthly bills, a customer can know what he has consumed by the click of a button,” he said.

In terms of security concerns he stated: “The AMR meter has an alarm system that will immediately trigger when anyone tampers with it or tries to engage in an illegality.”

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