Tanzania’s Bus Project to be ready Next Month

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) interim service providers have assured the Tanzanian government and Tanzanians at large that preparations for commencement of operations expected next month are going on well.

“We wanted to satisfy ourselves if the buses are ready to offer the service,” Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr Jumanne Sagini, said during an inspection of the buses.

The buses will use top-notch Information and Technology (IT) system in fare collection, information, entertainment and other services. There will also be special areas for the disabled and elders.

“Dar es Salaam dwellers and drivers of the buses will have to take care of the buses once we start operations,” he said. He noted that destroying the buses will be self defeating because the service is meant to facilitate transportation in the country’s commercial city. He noted that installation of gadgets to be used in the buses has started.

The drivers who will operate the buses have already been trained. Also, the project’s contractor is finalizing the infrastructure needed, especially bus stations and terminals, on time.

The BRT project includes construction of 20.9 kilometres special trunk road from Kimara terminal to Kivukoni area, Msimbazi road from Fire to Kariakoo-Gerezani area and a part of Kawawa Road from Magomeni to Morocco junction.

It is anticipated that by 2025, Dar es Salaam will have 11.5 million citizens and this, according to experts, calls for serious infrastructure improvement. Ongoing phase one works of the project envisions reducing traffic jams and congestion in the city.

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