Ethiopia Plans to Generate Electric Power from Sugar By-Products

Ethiopian Sugar Corporation has announced plans to produce 950MW of electric power from its sugar development projects by the end of Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II) period.

Zemedkun Tekle, Corporate Communication Directorate Director of the Corporation, told Walta Information Center (WIC) that the stated amount to be produced is more than three times the installed capacity of Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam which produces 300MW.

Ethiopia has begun developing 10 sugar factories in various parts of the country in the GTP I period. From these, eight of them are expected to be completed by the end of GTP II period (2020). Thus, they will enhance the country’s capacity of generating electric power from the by-products of sugar, according to Zemedkun.

“When these sugar development projects are completed, the factories will consume 550 mega watts of power for their operation and discharge the remaining 400 mega watts to the national power grid,” the Director said.

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