Burkina Faso Launches Largest Road Projects in Capital City

The Burkinabe Prime Minister, Yacouba Isaac Zida, has launched the North interconnection highway project in Ouagadougou, considered the largest road infrastructure of its kind erected in the Burkinabe capital.

Presiding over the ceremony, Zida expressed pride at the long-awaited project being launched, which he hopes will be relieved by the population of the city of Ouagadougou.

According to Footprint to Africa, he invited all residents of the Burkina Faso capital, specially car drivers, to be “very understanding during the execution period of this project.”

He assured that all obstacles to the project have been removed and that the government’s only concern is the well-being of the Burkinabe citizens.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure, all residents affected by the project, will be compensated for the damage suffered.

Estimated at CAF70 billion francs, the North interconnection highway will be commissioned in 2017.

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