13 African Startups to Compete at the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland

Thirteen African startups will compete with other startups from 55 countries at the Seedstars Annual Summit in 2016 for equity investments of up to $500,000, as well as additional prizes in cash and kind, Footprint to Africa reports.

The 13 startups heading to Switzerland are products of the Seedstars World international startup competition for emerging markets.

The startups will take part in a three-day bootcamp with mentors from around the world, followed by an investor day where they will meet with hundreds of investors.

The final ceremony will be on March 3, 2016, where the grand Seedstars World Global Winner will be announced to receive up to $500K in equity investment, coupled with other sectors such as travel and space that will also be rewarded with equity investments and grants.

The selected startups from Africa that will go to Switzerland in 2016 include:

Asoriba (Ghana): Asoriba is a web and mobile application that facilitates effective church administration for leaders, and seamless engagement with members.

Airshop (Cote d’Ivoire): Airshop is a platform that enables travellers to pre-order items online and pick them up at duty-free shops whenever they’re on the road. Airshop is known also as “marketplace for duty-free shopping.”

Ahadoo Tec (Ethiopia): Ahadootec offers African students access to curriculum-mapped content both online and offline through Fidel, a native Android app and web app.

Giraffe (South Africa): Giraffe is a new mobile recruitment tool that aims to decrease unemployment in South Africa.

Intership (Uganda): IntershipUG is a package forwarding service unlocking the US and UK, giving consolidation and allowing various shipping methods.

Illuminum Greenhouses (Kenya): Illuminum Greenhouses generates a limitless integrated solar-powered farm automation system with sensors controlled via SMS from the farmers’ mobile phone.

Jobartis (Angola): Jobartis joins traditional and market-specific job-board features to develop the number one online job portal in Angola.

Juabar (Tanzania): Juabar is a network of mobile solar electricity stores that offers phone charging services and distribute energy products as a point of sale.

Moovi (Mozambique): Moovi is a web/mobile platform that allows anyone to create relevant events within their surrounding community.

MyQ (Nigeria): MyQ is a mobile application that offers queue management, passenger loading and ticketing services to the transportation industry.

Mergims (Rwanda): Mergims is a mobile application that links migrants back to merchants in their countries of origin so that they can buy stuff for relatives at home.

Modisar (Botswana): Modisar is a precision livestock farming app that assists to manage farm animals, farm finances and farm resources.

VoLo (Senegal): This makes healthcare easily accessible and affordable in Africa using its VTIP Health product.

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