Repi Land-Fill Power Project in Ethiopia to Begin Operation in 2016

Ethiopia’s Repi Land-Fill Power Project, which is expected to generate 50MW of electricity, is to begin power generation in the coming seven months.

According to The Reporter, 75 percent of the US$120 million waste-to-energy project is completed and will begin operation by 2016. The project is expected to process 1.5 million kilograms of waste a day in the Repi land-fill (Koshe), situated around Ayer Tena area.

Upon completion, the project will have the capacity to process 500 million kilograms of waste into ash yearly, which will be used to manufacture interlocked bricks. It will also help to collect 10 million kilograms of scrap metals out of the waste, Samuel said.

One kilogram of waste daily piled on the streets of the Addis Ababa is estimated to generate 20 percent of the power that can be generated from one liter of diesel oil. Therefore, 1.4 million kilogram processed waste will generate power that is equivalent to 380 thousand litres of diesel oil.

Source: 2Merkato

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