Malawi Launches Pitch Night to Empower its Youth

The British Council in Malawi has announced the launch of Pitch Night, a platform that seeks to empower youths by accelerating their emerging and innovative businesses.

Pitch Night is an extension of Zitheka (It is Possible) which the council has been implementing since 2014 to raise awareness on entrepreneurship among young people in Malawi.

“The platform will facilitate networking, mentorship, access to financing through bringing together potential investors, collaborators and the general public,” Council Country Director, Reena Johl, said.

She pointed out that Malawi, which has a population of over 16million with 67 per cent representing youth, has a low GDP as 75 percent of the country’s most productive population, the youth are unemployed.

“This figure continues to rise due to the output of yearly graduates from tertiary and secondary institutions, if this crisis is not addressed we face recession and production of delinquents in our society,” she observed.

“Malawi is now gradually beginning to recognize that entrepreneurship is a solution to a viable path and alternative to formal employment,” she added.

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