Kenya’s Bungoma County to launch $2m Tech Hub


Bungoma County in western Kenya is set to launch the US$2 million Matili Technology Hub (mtHub) during its upcoming ICT Convention and Innovation Forum, which will encourage locals citizens to come up with innovative solutions for the county.

The launch will take place on December 17-18 at the Matili Technical Training Institute, with the event themed “Tapping Innovative Minds for Economic Prosperity.” It will bring together experts from the education, ICT, engineering, agriculture, health, finance and law sectors to share ideas on how to tap innovative minds for economic prosperity using ICT at the county level.

Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka said the idea for mtHub had sprung from the need to have locals benefit from various technology-based solutions.

“Over the years, there has been great emphasis across the major cities to adopt technology solutions, but this time we are looking to have citizens at the county level innovate and benefit from solutions that they have themselves engineered,” he said.

Officials from Bungoma County recently participated in the DEMO Africa event in Lagos, Nigeria, with young tech entrepreneurs and staff from the county coming home with important lessons and networks which Lusaka said are already being exploited in the setting up of the Matili Science and Technology Park.

The mtHub will host innovators and young entrepreneurs from Bungoma County and surrounding areas, including students at all levels of learning.

Source: Disrupt Africa

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