Ghana, U.S Announce Food for Progress Agreements to Increase Agricultural Productivity

Ghanaian Minister of Food and Agriculture, Fifi Kwetey, and USA’s Deputy Agriculture Secretary, Krysta Harden, have disclosed that the Food for Progress agreements signed with the US is to support agricultural development and trade within Ghana’s poultry sector.

“The Food for Progress agreements are the latest example of the partnership between the people of Ghana and the United States. When the government of Ghana asked for assistance to improve its poultry sector USDA and its partners were ready to help. We are happy to be here today with ACDI/VOCA and the American Soybean Association to launch new economic development and producer outreach initiatives,” Harden said.

The agreement with ACDI/VOCA targets producer groups and cooperators and works with those groups to improve feed quality and veterinary services. The agreement with the American Soybean Association focuses on educating producers about the importance of high-quality feed and improves the industry’s capacity to test feed.

The agreements are valued at $36.6 and $21.5 million respectively and the projects will operate over five years.

USDA’s Food for Progress Programe helps developing countries modernise and strengthen their agricultural sectors.

U.S. agricultural commodities are donated, sold on the local market and the proceeds are used to support agricultural, economic or infrastructure development programmes.

The projects supported by these new agreements will help Ghanaian farmers improve the health and quality of their poultry flocks, increasing farm income and improving operational efficiencies.

Source: USDA

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