Ethiopia to get First Modern Salt, Iodization Factory

Kadabba Salt Producers S.C. plans to construct the first modern salt, Iodization factory in Afar Regional State of Ethiopia, according to Capital.

The factory, which will be constructed in Semera, capital of Afar, will cost $9.4 millio. The factory’s annual iodization capacity will be from 350,000 to 400,000 tons of salt. The salt would be useful for medical and water treatment, mining and for other industrial purposes.

The construction of the factory would start this Ethiopian budget year on 300,000 square meters of land.

President of Kadabba Salt, Tahir Wehaberbi, said: “The factory will bring about significant improvements to the quantity and quality of iodized salt in the market.”

According to a national survey undertaken by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute the past year, only 23 percent of the iodization met the standard from the annual four million ton salt production.

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