East African Aviation Acquires Ethiopia’s First Air Ambulance Aircraft

Mulat Lemlemayehu with the imported King Air350 air ambulance aircraft.

East African Aviation, one of the private airlines in Ethiopia, has become the first company in Ethiopia to own and operate an air ambulance aircraft after it imported the ambulance aircraft, King Air350, at a cost of US$ 2.5 million.

Mulat Lemlemayehu (Capt.), Managing Director of MTDN and owner of East African Aviation, said medical equipment cost required to give emergency medical services on board amounted to US$ 500,000.

According to Mulat, all modern medical equipment that enables a physician to cater emergency medical treatments aboard an aircraft have been installed on the plane. Stretcher, oxygen and a number of other medical equipment are installed in the aircraft.

“A medical service equipment system has been installed in the aircraft starting from the cockpit to the cabin. This is very crucial for a patient who is under intensive care. The medical equipment meet international standards. They are the latest products available in the international market today. Now we can easily fly a patient in critical condition from point A to B anywhere in Ethiopia and neighboring countries,” he said.

The Aviation has employed a US Federal Aviation Administration licensed physician. King Air350 can carry a patient, doctor and caretaker. Mulat said the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has inspected and approved the aircraft.

“The aircraft has highly functional and durable air ambulance equipment that exceeds all stringent aviation regulations. The aircraft has been inspected and approved by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority,” Mulat said.

The air ambulance aircraft will become operational soon. The Aviation plans to extend the service to international aid organizations, travel agencies, VIPs, mining and construction companies who operate in remote parts of Ethiopia.

Source: The Reporter

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