3-Year-Old DJ Arch wins South Africa’s Got Talent

Never has victory been handled with such grace as by three-year-old ‘DJ’ Arch Junior, who triumphed at this year’s South Africa’s Got Talent.

His blissed-out beats had both the judges and the audience on their feet, gold confetti firing as he was crowned champion – a Kanye-esque look of indifference on his face.

I mean, he was clearly doing pretty much nothing during the performance, but he sure is cute.

So what is next for the ‘world’s youngest DJ’?

“We are just going to keep on doing, what we’re doing, his father Glenn told Etv.

“He’s still young and there is still a lot that will happen as he grows and mature. For now, he’s still a kid and he’s just going to continue as he does. He goes to crèche and DJs because he loves it. Tomorrow is another day.”

“I don’t think that winning will affect his life in any negative way. He has great parents and we are here to guide him.”

Spoilsports are pointing out that something was not quite right with his audio-out cables at the contest, but, authentic or not, Arch Jr’s performance was easily more enjoyable than anything seen on the last five seasons of Britain’s Got Talent.

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