Thousands of Tanzanian Youth to undergo Vocational Training

National Service (JKT) and National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) have signed an agreement for vocational training of youth. Under the agreement, NEEC will train JKT staff who would in turn train the youth who undergo voluntary two-year National Service stint.

Witnessing the signing between JKT and NEEC, the Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda, said the first five years should be a pilot mode and later become a permanent programme.

“Youth unemployment is a serious and big challenge and leaving the trend to continue is a big danger. That is why we initiated this programme to be run jointly by JKT, NEEC and the local government to create self-employment and loans to groups of youth,” Mr Pinda said. “The biggest challenge is the type of education the system is offering which is centred on making graduates to think of being employed only.”

“The curricula in our schools are not for self-employment but looking for jobs, this vocational and entrepreneurial skills development will minimise the trend,” Mr Pinda added.

According to NEEC Executive Secretary, Ms Beng’i Issa, the syllabus will enable the youth after completing their-two year training to venture into self-employment.

The programme also consists of follow ups to be attached at municipal and town councils for possibility of making the graduates to form groups. The groups will later be given working capital through Village Cooperative Banks (VICOBA).

Major General Raphael Muhuga, Chief of National Service, noted that since the service was reintroduced in 2001, the number of enrolled youth increased from 2,500 to 8,500 annually.

“The government continued to support the national service to enrol more youth every year, but JKT faces a number of challenges, especially funding its services,” Major General Muhuga said. “Currently, JKT has the capacity of enrolling 25,000 youth at a go, but the goal is to take all youth who completed Form Six education.”

It is estimated some 34,000 youth complete ‘A’ level every year. Since the reintroduction of the voluntary national service recruitment for youth, the army has enrolled 66,950 up to September.

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