Second Light Rail Route set to Begin Operation in Ethiopia

The second route of Addis Ababa Light Rail system, stretching from Hayat Square-Megenagna-Torhailoch is about to begin operation by the end of October.

According to FBC, Awoke Mulu, Public Relations Director at the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (AA-LRT), said that installation of electric cable, construction of ticket offices and recruitment of manpower are about to be completed to begin the railway service. He added that electronic ticketing machines are being installed in four chosen areas to replace the manual ticketing system.

“All the 41 trams are going to start giving services to deal with the passengers’ complaint of a long time wait at the stations to board a train,” he added.

The first railway route stretching from Menelik Square to Kality is transporting 60,000 passengers a day, generating 200,000 birr revenue.

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