Over 10 million Jobs Provided in Ethiopia’s First Growth and Transformation Plan – FeMSEDA

The Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency (FeMSEDA) announced on Wednesday that more than 10 million unemployed Ethiopians found jobs during its Growth and Transformation Plan I (GTP I). This came at a meeting this week to evaluate the performance of the GTP I and set directions for the newly launched GTP II.

The Director-General of the Agency, Gebremeskel Chala, said that this achievement exceeded the target set for the five-year plan. He went on to emphasize the special attention that had been attached to creating jobs for women.

The Director-General said the Agency had also facilitated a total of US$765 million loan extensions to enterprises in the sectors of construction, manufacturing, agro processing, trade and service sectors and urban farming which had been the main employment opportunity areas.

“The agency has been able to recover more than 95 per cent of the loans granted to the operators,” he said. ”The businesses enjoyed successful market linkages with more connections coming from foreign markets,” Gebremeskel added.

He also noted that 8 million people had been given skills development and business management training during the first Growth and Transformation Plan period (2010/11-2014/15).

In the discussions, it was mentioned that the agency managed to build more than 24,000 display and manufacturing units in the 1st GTP period.

Source: Geeska Afrika

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