21 year-old Nigerian Invents cutting-edge Emergency Power Backup Device for Surgeons

A 21 year-old Nigerian, Louise Jaiyeola Oduyoye, has developed a mobile medical battery which provides backup electricity to surgical theatres.

The device called ‘Neva’ is similar to the regular UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). However, it is more dynamic as it can be adapted to advanced situations.

Neva contains replaceable lithium ion battery packs with 60 charge cycles, enough power output to power critical machines during surgeries and reduce the risks associated with power outages. It has smooth flat surfaces which make it easy to clean and unlikely to trap dirt. Also, its battery packs are available for switch and replace.

Louise Jaiyeola Oduyoye is a Mechanical Engineering student at Loughborough University where she is pursuing her Master’s degree. Neva was a product of her completion of the requirements for obtaining her first degree in Product Design Engineering at the University of Derby.

Louise said about her invention: “Neva was developed for countries that have difficulty accessing uninterrupted power supplies so they can perform these surgeries in-country rather than fly people out.”

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