Tanzanian Chemical Engineer Invents Low-Cost Water Filter

Tanzanian scientist, Dr. Askwar Hilonga, has designed an innovative water filter using nanotechnology to purify water. He says this filter can remove 99.9 percent of bacteria, micro-organisms and viruses.

According to Reuters, the idea was inspired by a visit to his parents’ village outside Arusha in Tanzania, where many people still risk their lives drinking dirty water and often suffer from water-borne diseases.

Dr. Hilonga was one of only four students in his year to graduate from primary school. He went on to university and won a scholarship to study a PhD in nanotechnology in South Korea. As soon as he returned home, he started looking for ways to use his expertise to help people.

“In Tanzania, 70 percent of households, of nine million households, are not using any kind of a filter. That is how big the market is. That is in Tanzania alone, nine million households. Now imagine in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, sub-Saharan Africa, India and elsewhere. So the market is very big,” Dr. Hilonga explained.

He hopes the filter will one day be used to help communities and villages across Africa access clean water. One filter is capable of supplying many litres of clean water a day.

Dr. Hilonga has received a grant from the U.S. government to help him make his filter available commercially.

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