Is Africa Really Rising? Africa-OnTheRise asks Uzo Nwagwu, C.O.O General Electric (Nigeria) Oil & Gas

A lot has been said about Africa’s rise, lots of reports suggest changing realities for the continent. What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Africa is indeed rising?

“Absolutely! We are a growing continent. We do have a growing middle class, that’s always a good indicator. If you think about things from the healthcare standpoint, with the fact that we were able to get through Ebola means the fact that our health system is not completely broken, it just needs a little bit more attention to it. This is a continent that is rich, if we apply the right level of solutions and with the right level of intensity, we can make it all work. It’s a great continent, I’m African and I’m proud, and I say I’m proudly Nigerian too. This is the right place to be.”
  • Uzo Nwaguw is the Chief Operating Officer for General Electric Oil and Gas in Nigeria.



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