ANSAF hails Tanzania for having 98 percent Food Sufficiency Levels

ANSAF Executive Secretary, Audax Rukonge.

Agriculture non-state actors have hailed Tanzania for having high food sufficiency levels of 98 per cent across the country.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Agriculture Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) Executive Secretary, Audax Rukonge, urged that the outstanding performance be maintained. He further added that with a growing population to feed and expanding economies in the region, Tanzania must be more competitive.

Mr Rukonge highlighted areas like reduced production cost, bulk production and quality produce release in the market as key for the country to focus on to increase competitiveness.

“This will happen if we harness the presence of large scale investment which is well connected to medium and small scale producers,” he continued.

He recommended the support of safety-net mechanisms which would assure smallholder producers of financial access in lean months while waiting for the market. He further stated that this could work if the private large scale investors have formal arrangement with producers.

“Elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa it has been confirmed that agriculture sector is 11 times efficient in reducing poverty and hunger, and investing in small scale supporting initiatives is a worthwhile intervention in the short and long-run,” he noted.

According to Daily News, the ANSAF Executive Director also noted that within the same period of 10 years, the country has witnessed a significant investment (huge public resources allocated to agriculture) from about 600bn/- in 2005/2006 to the current 1.2trn/- in 2015/2016.

ANSAF is a registered forum of farmers’ umbrella organizations, local and international NGOs as well as private sector companies.

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