African Islands to Explore PART IV: Comoros, the Forgotten Islands

Travel remains a culture that needs to be thoroughly imbibed by Africans as many miss out on the chance to explore the beauties right in their immediate environment. Africa is full of destinations that are waiting to give travellers the most memorable vacations. Sadly, these destinations remain largely unexplored due to the common misconception that there is a need to leave the African continent for one to have a memorable holiday. brings this series to open the eyes and minds of all to the possibilities and beauties of Africa. Start planning your itinerary and making possible plans for your future vacations.Whether the motto for your ideal vacation is refreshing or adventurous, Comoros gives you the best of both!

Comoros is renowned as a spice and perfume-producing archipelago on the Indian Ocean. It lies between Mozambique and Madagascar. The islands are sure to keep tourists and travellers of every type enchanted. Although in comparison to Seychelles, Sao Tome amongst others, Comoros is largely unexplored in terms of tourism. For travellers tha plan on going there, this gives you the awesome perk of feeling like you’re on your very own private island!

The Grand Comore and Anjouan hold much history and beauty with a variety of flora and fauna to go with it. The beautiful beaches and scenic atmosphere is the perfect royal retreat or getaway you could gift yourself or loved ones. The jade waters of the Chomoni beach give off this laidback vibe for relaxation beyond your imagination and hiking up the Karthala Volcano  or exploring the ‘Dos du Dragon’ would be such an adventure for the adrenaline-rush seeking travellers. A dip in the Dziancoundre waterfall and a visit to the Lac Sale which is said to be bottomless would cap up your adventure time in Comoros. .

Although no UNESCO-designated sites are found there, it remains a must-visit destination for history buffs and adventure lovers. As for the lovers, this makes for an amazing honeymoon and wedding destination!

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