4 Perks of Cultural Tourism

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recognizes cultural tourism as one of the largest and fastest-growing global tourism markets – this is the uniting of culture and tourism to maximize the benefits of travel.

Culture is increasingly being utilized as a tool to boost attractiveness and increase the competitiveness of destinations, states with a focus on increasing tourism now actively develop their cultural assets in order to have a more prominent place on the competitive tourism market. Though it has its downsides, Jovago.com brings you 4 more reasons why cultural tourism should be opted for, especially for travelers who want to a more memorable vacation experience.

Cultural appreciation

Since the focus of cultural tourism as the name implies is the culture, this gives tourists and travelers the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the region you desire to explore. You could have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the peoples like the Himba of Namibia, the Mursi of Ethiopia or the Ashanti of Ghana  who still stick to ancient traditions and lifestyle devoid of the conveniences enjoyed in urban areas…

Become a local… for a few weeks

With visits to historical sites, attendance of festivals and community rituals, cultural tourism  allows engagement with the history, religion and other facets of the culture of the people… Ditch the top-notch clubs and party with the locals, even get a chance to practice their traditional dancing! If you’re not totally comfortable, tribal visits would suffice…

Tangible and Intangible Souvenirs

Your memories of your vacation would not be limited to the Ghana kente fabric or the Kenyan Masai shuka. Having gotten the chance to live like a local during your travel, your memories of the trip would not be limited to the tangibles you get while away on the trip but also of the people you were able to commune with and the culture you got a taste of!

Debunk the Single Story Theory

Engaging with the culture and people of the destination you choose to explore would broaden your mind even more and debunk the single story where African cultures are sometimes depicted as barbaric and hostile. You may have to warm up to the hospitality and curiosity of the locals but in the end you will return more enriched philosophically and aware of the challenges and joys of the people you were able to meet.

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