Creating 100,000 Jobs in Africa Above UK Minimum Wage

By  African-in-Chief:

How can we create 100,000 jobs in the Defence & security sector in Africa, above the UK minimum wage? (or targeting a minimum wage of £10 per hour)

This post seeks to explore how we can create 100,000 jobs in the African Defence & Security sector above the UK minimum wage in 24 months. is a new platform dedicated to converting the Defence and Security issues and challenges in Africa into commercial solutions. We believe there are sufficient issues and challenges in Africa to sustain the proposition of 100,000 jobs. We are a UK based company hence our emphasis on maintaining a UK minimum wage or £10 per hour per candidate. Registration form

Starting with an internship – 54 African countries10 interns per African country will seek to create 540 internships. The aim of the internship is to allow 540 African youths to initiate the process of converting the Defence & Security challenges and issues in their countries into development opportunities that can be matched to international Defence & security suppliers across the world. They will match the supplier’s products and services to the issues and challenges in their countries with the aim of creating, in the first 6 months, 10 paid projects for the 10 interns that started the initiative. This will convert their internship into paid employment at £10 per hour. The next 6 months of their employment will be to create a service that employs 10 candidates for each of the 10 projects this will create 100 jobs per African country equating to 540 candidates creating 10 paid projects each that creates 10 employment opportunities. The makes 54,000 jobs at £10 per hour across 54 countries in Africa. The 54,000 employees will be employed to continue matching a demand to a supply in Africa. Click here to apply

Creating Research and Development projects in Africa – Similar to the demand and supply matrix as stated above but here the focus is on research and development. Africa has not played a role in this sector. Within the R&D sector, 10 R&D interns will find 10 suppliers each, whose products and services can be placed in Africa for R&D purposes. This will create 100 R&D projects in each African country. These projects will create reports about the suitability of a Defence and security supplier’s products and services to the African market. The result means each report can be used as a marketing tool for the suppliers as well as evidence for the Defence and Security Agencies in Africa to see how the products and services performed in Africa. Each of the 100 projects will set a task to employ 10 employees, creating 1000 jobs. This will create 54,000 R&D jobs within the R&D in Defence and Security sector in Africa in 24 months. See our services

By so doing, we will create, in 24 months, 54,000 jobs in Defence R&D as well as54,000 jobs in product placement in Africa, thereby creating over 100,000 jobs in the Defence and Security sector in Africa above the UK minimum wage.

Opportunities for the African Defence and security Experts

It goes without saying that any country in the world with an efficient Defence and security sector starts by developing the people that work in its Defence and Security sector. This is why we created a specific directory for African Defence and Security experts. Our aim is to create better jobs and trade within the Defence and Security sector in Africa. It also applies that if we create a database of African Defence and Security Experts, we also have to create a database of African Defence and Security Agencies.

We believe we should be the change we want in Africa, please do share this post with those you feel could benefit from it in Africa.

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