Nigeria to Commence Work on Three Coal Power Plants

The Federal Government is set to commence work at three coal-fired power plants located across the country in 2015.

The Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo who disclosed this did not give specific details, but it is believed that the coal power plants could include the 3000 megawatts (MW) plant that is being developed by Zuma Pow­er in Kogi state and the 1000MW plant expected to be built by At­las Petroleum Corporation in Enugu state.

The federal government hint­ed that about 2.8 billion metric tonnes of coal deposits have been left untapped for years now in Nigeria.
It has been canvassed that the use of these coal deposits, amongst other renewable en­ergy sources such as biomass, solar, wind and small hydro to generate electricity for Nigeria can reduce instances of van­dalism of petroleum pipelines which supply gas to thermal power plants.
The Power Minister clari­fied that balancing Nigeria’s reliance on thermal generated electricity with other sources of electricity like solar, biomass, wind and other sustainable al­ternative sources has been a daunting challenge confronting the country.

According to him, selling the potentials in other alternative sources of energy to Nigerians was becoming a difficult task to accomplish and urged that such messages be taken to rural parts of Nigeria.


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