South Africa Offers Cheapest Transport Options – GoEuro Survey Reveals


    Read the GoEuro Transportation Price Index Here:

    South Africa has been rated as offering the cheapest average rate per 100 kilometres of bus, train and air travel out of 51 countries in online platform GoEuro’s Worldwide Transportation Price Index.

    The survey, released on Wednesday, compared the cheapest bus, train and flight connections between the two most populous cities in each of the 51 countries, taking into account factors such as distance, scheduling and taxes.

    South Africa came out as the cheapest country for transport overall, with a bus journey costing on average US$3.67 (R39) per 100 kilometres, train journeys costing $1.88/100km (R20/100km) and flights costing just $11.63/100km (R124/100km).

    The most expensive country for transport, according to the survey, is Switzerland, where bus journeys cost $18.67/100km, train journeys $38.28/100km, and flights $125.07/100km.

    The United States is 22nd least expensive, with an average bus journey costing $7.92/100km, train journeys $18.61/100km, and flights $10.36/100km.

    The survey found he cheapest countries for bus travel to be Egypt ($1.88/100km), Ukraine ($3.07/100km) and Thailand ($3.11/100km), and the most expensive to be the Netherlands ($28.58/100km), Austria ($23.45/100km) and Norway ($21.61/100km).

    The cheapest countries for air travel are India ($10.36/100km), Malaysia ($11.43/100km) and South Africa ($11.63/100km), while the most expensive are Finland ($138.90/100km), Switzerland ($125.07/100km) and Lithuania ($116.72/100km).

    Source: South Africa Info

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