Ghana To Be Certified As Guinea Worm Free


    GHANA — The Ministry of Health is calling on the general public to cooperate with the International Certification Team which will be in Ghana to assess nation’s readiness for certification as a guinea worm free country.

    According to the Ministry, Ghana has not recorded any case of guinea worm infection since the year 2010.

    Ghana has since applied for Certification as a Guinea Worm Free Country.

    The International Certification Team will be in the country for three weeks to start the assessment.

    The Coordinator for the Ghana Guinea worm Eradication Program, Dr. Franklin Asiedu Bekoe has been speaking to Citi News.

    “Those who are very poor on the economic ladder are those who have guinea worm. Ghana is supposed to be a lower middle income country, so we cannot be associated with guinea worm. We need to support our case that Ghana is not that poor to improve our status so that we can in turn support other developing countries. Apparently, every country around Ghana is guinea-worm free. So we should incorporate and be supportive.” He said.


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