Fighting To End in Central African Republic (CAR) As Rival Groups Sign Ceasefire Agreement

    In Central African Republic (CAR) rival armed groups have signed a ceasefire agreement aimed at ending over one year of religious conflict.

    The agreement was signed between mainly Muslim Seleka rebels and the largely Christian anti-Balaka militia.

    The conflict has forced almost a quarter of the country’s population to flee their homes.

    General Mohamed Moussa Dhaffane, Muslim Seleka Rebels Chief, explained to euronews:
    “This accord is not an agreement between the former Muslim Coaliton Seleka and anti-Balaka. The agreement of cessation of hostilities binding on all parts of the CAR. We must cease hostilities, verbal hostilities, armed hostilities of any kind, to bring peace in our country.”

    François Chignac, euronews correspondent, reported: “Behind me is where the end to hostilities in Central African Republic were discussed and where the agreement was signed.

    “It remains to be seen, though,” Chignac added, “if the acting president and militia leaders will enforce this accord on the ground in a country that has seen thousand of dead and hundreds of thousands displaced over the last 18 months.”

    This was first published on EuroNews HERE

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