Chude Jideonwo, Akaliza Keza Gara and Others Make 4Afrika Youth Advisory Council


    By Mteto Nyati, Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa and Vice Chair of 4Afrika Advisory Council

    Did you know that in Mo Ibrahim’s foundation’s 2012 report, African Youths: Fulfilling the Potential, it was indicated that in less than three generations, 41% of the world’s youth will be African? An exciting yet daunting challenge!

    When I was appointed as the Vice Chair of the 4Afrika Advisory Council in October last year, I immediately knew I wanted to bring strong and influential youth voices on board.  The Advisory Council is tasked with aligning our 4Afrika Initiative to broader African development goals. One of Africa and 4Afrika’s goals is to empower and enable African youth so that, in three generation’s time, the continent will be a strong economic competitor on the global stage. The best way for us to sincerely meet this goal is hear and learn from the youth themselves.

    And so today, I’m proud to announce four highly influential and innovative young leaders who have been added to the Council. These leaders are going to make the critical young voices of Africa heard, and they are going to help us solve the issues most relevant to young people in Africa. I’m humbled to be working with them. I’m inspired by their stories. And I’m excited about the futures they are going to create.

    Akaliza Keza Gara – Rwanda

    I’m really looking forward to joining the 4Afrika Advisory Council. I hope to help the 4Afrika Initiative better understand my country. I hope to share the needs that exist here, as well as the opportunities to use technology to impact people’s lives.

    After noticing that women in Rwanda weren’t encouraged to study ICT, Akaliza set out to make a difference. She studied Multimedia Technology & Design in university and soon after formed her own company, Shaking Sun, which specialises in graphic design, animation and website development. She now uses her expertise to mentor at kLab and Girls in ICT Rwanda, where she encourages women to pursue careers in ICT and shares key insights on being a tech entrepreneur in Africa.

    “When it comes to youth issues in Africa, female empowerment, access to quality education, unemployment and the stereotypes about African youth are most important to me. I find that most of the schools do not teach skills that are valuable in the market. I hope to encourage young people, who have Internet access, to take advantage of the many free online courses and keep up-to-date with industry trends and developments.”

    I am also a huge promoter of entrepreneurship. There are simply not enough jobs to employ all of us, so it’s important that we create our own.  It’s also so important for us to tell our stories. I’m an avid blogger and I would encourage all African youth to start blogging and in that way open the world, and ourselves, to the diversity of our continent.”

    Tayeb Sbihi – Morocco                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    I’m very excited to be joining the council as a youth leader. As a telecommunications professional, I hope to bring affordable broadband access to the youth in Africa. I believe
    that Internet access will enhance the development of Africa and improve its competitiveness.

    Tayeb has a B.S.c, M.Sc and MBA degree all to his name, and is also the founder of B2N Consulting. His company provides the testing, evaluation and optimisation of telecom infrastructure, which means Tayeb is very passionate about bringing universal and quality internet access to Africa.

    “Connectivity is one of the solutions and tools that can help us solve prominent issues in Africa. We can reduce illiteracy through e-Learning programmes. We can give the youth a means to speak and share their issues. We can enhance creativity. And we can provide a platform for young Africans to broadcast local solutions and innovations. All of this will make our competitiveness as a continent much higher.”

    Olivia Mukham – Cameroon

    As a youth council member, I hope to bring light to Africa’s youth aspirations, ambitions and current actions. I also hope to bring my various networks within Cameroon and from more than 20 countries in Africa to the 4Afrika Initiative and action plan.

    A self-described ‘Solutionneur’, Olivia has always been passionate about searching for solutions and solving local problems within her community. When she was just a first-year student, she initiated her own water addition project, which solved water-borne diseases such as cholera. The project now provides clean water access to over 5 000 villagers. Olivia also formed Harambe Cameroon, an NGO with the goal of encouraging youths to transform their challenges into opportunities. On top of this, she co-founded Solutionneurs SARL, a company which uses the talented youth of Harambe Cameroon to provide locally-relevant micro-services.

    I look forward to encouraging more and more African youths to be solutions-driven. I think it’s very ironic that we have many mundane and resolvable problems that hamper our standard of living on a daily basis. I hope to encourage the youth of Africa to take action and solve problems in their communities. The zeal of many youths today is impressive, and I know they’re ready to take these challenges on.”

    Chude Jideonwo – Nigeria                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    I’m most looking forward to being part of a committed group of African leaders, who are working hard to open up access to opportunities and be part of the transformation story for the continent and its people. 4Afrika has a huge potential to make a lasting impact, and it’s exciting to be part of that process.

    Chude is many great things: A lawyer, award-winning journalist, media entrepreneur and youth development expert. He is also the co-founder and managing partner of RED, and the founder of Enough is Enough Nigeria. As one of Forbes’ 30 Best Young African Entrepreneurs, Chude knows all about jobs and opportunities – and is passionate about creating these for the youth of Africa.

    “The challenges young people face continue to evolve. As a youth council member, I hope to achieve more access, more open doors and more opportunities. I’m always asking myself: How can we engage young Africans through and for enterprise, connecting them with opportunities that ensure they create value for themselves and their countries? I am obsessed with how we can use the media to drive this African imperative. So media, youth and opportunities – that’s the intersection I hope to make a difference in.”

    The four new youth council members are currently in Abidjan, where they are meeting in-person with the 4Afrika team for their mid-year meeting.

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