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Ms. Geek Rwanda People's Choice Award

Ms. Geek Rwanda is a competition for Rwandan women encouraging them to showcase their knowledge and skills in ICT. This competition is being organized by Girls in ICT Rwanda.

The Top 5 projects have been chosen and at the Final Ceremony, on 8 March 2014, a panel of judges will choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner out of the five finalists. In addition, we will also be awarding the People’s Choice winner, that is the student behind the project that gets the most votes from the public.

Read the project briefs below:

PROJECT TITLE: Online Driving Exam System
The Online Driving License Examination System is a system which will enable users to perform their driving exam online using computer and receive their results directly. This system is about enabling the organizations in charge of issuing exams for obtaining driving licenses and provisional licenses, like the Department of Traffic Police of Rwanda, to give out exams online and for users to obtain their results online. In this way the organisations can offer this service without spending a lot of resources organising and sometimes renting the locations where students sit their exams.

PROJECT TITLE: Item Locator System
STUDENT: Chantal
The Item Locator System’s database stores information about shops, the items within, their prices, and the shop’s location. The database can be accessed through a web application and a mobile application. The system will allow a user to make a search of either an item or a shop and then get results for nearby shops. From the mobile application, tailored results can be displayed according to the user’s actual location. The mobile application will automatically detect the user’s location then compare his/her coordinates with those of nearby shops. For information authenticity the web will have a special display for verified shops so that users are able to differentiate the verified shops and unverified ones.

PROJECT TITLE: Wireless Black Box
STUDENT: Christine
The Wireless Black Box monitors and reports vehicle accidents. The system consists of cooperative components of an accelerometer, micrometer unit, GPS device and GSM module. In the event of accident, this wireless device sends a mobile phone short message indicating the position of vehicle by GPS system to a family member, emergency medical service and nearest hospital. The threshold algorithm and speed of vehicle are used to detect a fall or collision in real time. The system is compact and easy to install under rider seat. The system has been tested in real world applications using bicycle. The test results show that it can detect linear fall, a non linear fall and normal ride with high accuracy. The GPS unit can calculate the information such as speed, bearing, track, trip distance, distance to destination, sunrise and sunset time and more.

MOBILE COW is a voice based mobile application that will help farmers track the oestrus stages of their cows helping them to manage their breeding as well as cow nutrition leading up to the calving day. Farmers will update the system with definite known dates within the cow calendar and the system will send call back voice and sms alerts to the farmer during the year assisting them to make informed decisions. MOBILE COW will help farmers to register their cows and have further assistance on the post birth and gestation of the cow and create a linkage between farmers producers and the market where every registered cow will have a follow up throughout it’s life.

PROJECT TITLE: Class Attendance Management System
STUDENT: Josephine
Nowadays, there are so many institutions that have been growing in Rwanda whether private or government. many of that still using old method to take student attendance, the two major problems faced by this institution are time consuming manual attendance and wastage of attendance paper report by giving attendance sheet to be sign out by student, after that, lecturers have to analyze it manually to know who absent and attend to the class giving the lecturer a lot to do. The online Class Attendance Management System will solve this problem.


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