Mrs Jeannette Kagame with orphansWe once lived in a world with core values rooted in a collective responsibility, where the despair of a single human soul was felt by all but with the sharp sting of capitalism and economic imperialism sometimes we forget that many are not part of this new world order, marked by greed, individuality of want and need. The First lady of Rwanda, i believe is part of that dying breed of people who see world progress as a collective endeavor. On Thursday, 13th December 2013 as Unity Club, an organisation under the leadership of Mrs Jeannette Kagame [First lady of Rwanda] handed over homes to Twenty four orphans in Rubavu District, giving them a Christmas gift that they would never forget.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony yesterday, the First Lady said that parents have the responsibility to love, nurture and protect all Rwandan children, including those who have no family. “It is our mission to do everything we can to support them [orphans] in building a solid foundation for their future. I want to thank the parents who open up their families to these children. This is a challenge that they put upon themselves to ensure that all the children of Rwanda can grow in an upright manner with every value that comes from a family,” Mrs. Kagame said.

“We realised that some children were too old to remain in orphanages. The new houses will help them start lives and as adult men and women can contribute meaningfully to the development of their country. I want to thank all those that contributed towards making this a reality.” finally urging the orphans to make good use of their lives and the rare chances handed to them.

In 2011, Unity Club began supporting orphans living in the ’Noel de Nyundo’ orphanage. This orphanage, which has about 592 orphans, was selected because it has some children who are over 18 years of age, still living there. In partnership with the National Children’s Commission, Unity Club began advocacy efforts to help orphans find families so that they can grow up in a conducive environment.

One of the beneficiary orphans, Xavier Ntambara, said he was delighted to have his own home and thanked the First Lady for ensuring that he has a better life.“My new house has three rooms, a living room and a bathroom, kitchen and a good compound. I could never have dreamt of this. I have lived 20 years in an orphanage and suddenly I have a house. I am very grateful,” Ntambara said.“We are now in technical training. Once I am done, I will become a carpenter, and get a job. Then I will look for a wife and start my family in my new home.”

Unity Club pledged to construct 20 homes for orphans over 18 years of age, to help them start a new life away from the orphanage. The National Children’s Commission and “Home and Hope for Children” selected and prepared the 24 children eligible to live in the 20 new homes. These two organisations will follow closely the lives of these children over the next two years. Unity Club was created in 1996 and is made up of past and present government leaders and their spouses, with the objective to unite and reconcile Rwandans and promote peace. After unveiling the houses, the First Lady also shared a Christmas Party with 500 children from the Western Province.


first_lady_jeannette_kagame_together_with_children-4998cJeannette Kagame celebrating Christmas with orphans.

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