The work of fourth-year South African film student, Miklas Manneke, has been nominated for this year’s Student Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Student Short Film category.

The film titled, Kanye Kanye, meaning “together”, is centered around the long-standing feud between two groups in a small township.

Kanye Kanye

The town is divided by a long line to mark territories belonging to the red and green camps.

However, a young man by the name of Thomas, from the greens, falls in love with Thandi, who is from the red side of town.

The romantic comedy tells the tale of how the two youngsters, who are warned against any affiliation, get to communicate without their parents and communities knowing.

Thrilled about the nomination, Manneke says the wonder of his craft “is the ability to change the world by creating another”.

“The idea started from my previous film, Electricity, where we looked at what perceptions people have of South African cinema, and we knew that people only saw stuff like tsotsis, poverty and violence. But people are born in the townships, they live there, they learn to love there and eventually die there. That’s the story we wanted to tell.”

Manneke who also received numerous awards in 2012, said it was “an honour for everyone involved in the making of Kanye Kanye to be selected on this international platform to represent AFDA film school at the beginning of our careers, especially considering the high standard of the Student Oscars”.

The film has also won 9 AFDA Gold Awards at the institution’s annual awards.

The Academy Student Awards will be held in Los Angeles in June.

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