Integrated Technology Group (ITG) Launches ‘EMIS’ Africa Initiative

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) announced the launch of its EMIS Africa Initiative for Education Management Information System in Africa. Integrated Technology Group is a dynamic, innovative, and technology driven group of companies that specialize in providing IT solutions for the education and public sectors.


The EMIS Africa Initiative will provide a unified and integrated education management information system solution in Africa in order to provide real, accurate, up to date and relevant data to assist in supporting the development of education; and providing support to the officials in their decision making process and their various programs, which would the basis for operations solutions, planning and decision-making in all parts of the African continent.

President & CEO of Integrated Technology Group (ITG) Mr. Walid Tahabsem in a press conference commented that EMIS Africa will serve as a common system platform for major programs, which will be an opportunity for countries to share experiences and be the basis of a real comparison between the standards, the results and the impact of on the education and development policies related.

Mr. Tahabsem commented that this initiative has been developed within a ten-year plan for the full implementation divided in to different phases while the most important phase would be the basic phase, which is planned to accomplish with more than 30% of the solution deployment in Africa by the year 2015; by the coordination of all the stages with various parties within different countries.

The first phase, which is gathering all information required to begin the technical analysis, has started


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